What happens if a death occurs abroad?

Daffy’s Funeral Home Croom have decades of experience in dealing with the added complexity of a death overseas and the task of returning the deceased home to Ireland. Equally, we have extensive experience in repatriating someone who has died in Ireland back to their country of origin. We will co-ordinate all documents required from coroners,

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How much does a funeral cost?

The cost of a funeral will be determined by you and your family. Funeral costs are broken down into two areas. The costs charged by the Funeral Director will include the cost of the coffin selected, transportation costs, and preparation of deceased and professional services. The costs will also include payments made to third parties,

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Is embalming required?

We recommend embalming in all cases. We believe that the care and presentation of the body is one of our most important functions as Funeral Directors. We have a fully qualified embalming team to achieve the highest possible standard of presentation available.

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